Professional Recruitment Services


Contract Recruitment

Rata Recruitment is a specialist in finding and delivering niche technical and engineering talent on a contract basis to prestigious clients and their projects. Rata understands the market for, and has vast experience of working with, contractors of various disciplines who hold highly sought-after skillsets, on a local, regional and international level. Whether they are based in New Zealand, Asia-Pacific, or further afield, Rata will ensure you have access to the best talent for the job, to ensure your project is delivered with excellence and precision.

We hold 15 years’ experience in sourcing and locating top talent, delivering expert professionals, and providing teams who can deliver masterclass projects and create pioneering ideas. A contractor labour force enables a client the flexibility to ‘scale up and scale down’ a workforce cost effectively’, to ensure they exceed their project requirements.

Compliance and Safety are at the heart of our service to our clients and contractors, while ensuring we deliver contractors on-time, in an efficient client, professional manner.

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Permanent Recruitment

Rata Recruitment will find you the right people to join and become part of your team, as a permanent member of staff, helping to grow your organisation.  We have trusted networks of talented professionals, and can headhunt to find you dedicated, experienced and enthusiastic people who can benefit your business.

Appropriate, available, ambitious candidates will be thoroughly appraised and presented to clients professionally and personally.


Executive / C-Suite Search

Our team has the knowledge and understanding of what it takes to succeed in a highly competitive environment and to be a high performer in a professional organisation.  Rata Recruitment know the local and international talent markets, having spent more than a decade analysing successful organisations and their mission-critical people and teams.

Using bespoke headhunting search techniques, Rata will ensure its clients can engage and appoint Leaders and Executives who will make a real difference in the future of their business.

Confidentiality and Sensitivity are key parts of our comprehensive, specialist service to candidates and clients.  We build trusting relationships, and use a personalised approach to secure professionals their next challenge.

Workforce Management Solutions


Payroll & Contractor Management

Rata Recruitment partners with a local payroll management expert to provide clients and contractors with an efficient solution for ensuring contractors are remunerated on-time, at agreed intervals during contract durations.

A contractor labour force enables a client the flexibility to ‘scale up and scale down’ a workforce very cost effectively’, to ensure they exceed their project requirements.


Visas & Work Permits

We can provide consulting services to support clients and professionals with Visa and Work Permit applications and renewals, for local New Zealanders looking to undertake their next international adventure, and highly skilled people who desire to relocate and support organisations in New Zealand.


HR & Talent Consultancy

Clients can utilise the 15 years’ experience held by Rata Recruitment to support clients in strategic planning, HR and talent acquisition projects, volume recruitment campaign planning, and other related consultancy assignments.


Talent Mapping

Matching HR, talent and workforce management strategies with local and international availabilities of appropriate, available candidates, Rata will undertake a thorough talent mapping process to consult on client requirements and provide solutions where they are needed.


Workforce & Talent Insights

Rata can highlight and provide informed insights into the current talent market of New Zealand, Asia-Pacific and International markets, across all kinds of disciplines and experience levels.  Clients can utilise this information to deliberate and decide upon future hiring plans and strategies.